Custom Embroidered Patch in Canada

Embroidered Patches Canada
Chenille Patches

Chenille yarn is used to create fabric badges with a raised, textured design that are referred to as chenille patches or varsity patches. Chenille badges are frequently used in academic and sporting contexts to symbolize accomplishments, affiliations, or team enthusiasm.

Embroidered Patches Canada
Embroidered Patches

A piece of cloth with a design stitched onto it using colored threads. These patches are frequently embellished or used as decorations on hats, purses, apparel, and other accessories. They usually include an adhesive backing, heat-sealing, method to adhere them to the fabric. 

Embroidered Patches Canada
Embroidered 3D Puff Patches

One kind of embroidered patch with a raised, three-dimensional design is the embroidered 3D puff patch. In order to create this elevated impression, which gives the patch more depth and texture, foam or padding material is placed beneath the embroidered region.

Embroidered Patches Canada
Woven Badges

Instead of utilizing embroidery, cloth patches are woven to produce woven badges. These badges, which have sharp edges, exquisite detail, and a smooth, flat finish, are made from fine threads woven together on a loom. They are frequently employed in designs that call for extreme precision, like complex logos or tiny lettering.

Embroidered Patches Canada
Leather Badges

Patches composed of real or artificial leather might be called leather badges. These badges have a unique texture, a polished appearance, and are made to last. They might have printed, debossed, or embossed designs, giving apparel, purses, caps, and accessories a timeless and traditional look. It have a tough yet elegant look used for branding.

Embroidered Patches Canada
Printed / Sublimated Badges

Using printing or sublimation procedures, designs, logos, or artwork are transferred onto cloth to create printed or sublimated badges. While sublimation uses heat to transfer dye into the fabric fibers, producing vivid and long-lasting colors, printing involves directly depositing ink to the fabric surface.



At Embroidered Patch Canada, we don't just create patches, we elevate them to an art form. Our obsession with customer satisfaction and premium quality runs deeper than the finest thread. We proudly stand as Canada's most meticulous patch maker, where each creation receives meticulous attention and rigorous quality checks. Leaving nothing to chance, we ensure perfection at every stitch. Our dedicated customer support team, brimming with expertise, acts as your personal guide to embroidery nirvana. From choosing the perfect fabric and backing to navigating design decisions, they ensure your journey with us is smooth and unforgettable. And if your final product doesn't make you scream "Hold my beaver tail, this is epic!” we'll personally re-stitch it until it does.

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Imagine your wildest design, sewn into reality! A fiery unicorn on your denim jacket, a witty slogan on your backpack, a tiny replica of your pet on your hat. At Embroidered Patches Canada, there's no such thing as "impossible." We turn any idea into a stunning, personalized custom embroidered patches, crafted with precise attention to detail and delivered at the most competitive prices than any patches designer in Canada. With us, there’s no minimum fuss, just maximum satisfaction. Whether you crave a single patch to mark your individuality or a hundred to outfit your entire squad, we welcome every order with open threads. Your final quote is tailored to your budget and needs, ensuring you get the perfect patch without breaking the bank.


Dream It, Sketch It, Send It

Upload your design (even a napkin doodle!), share your budget, and let us know your wildest customization requirements. We'll get back to you with a free quote that fits your dream like a glove.

Preview Your Patch Perfection

Before anything gets stitched, we'll send you a digital snapshot of your masterpiece. Is it everything you hoped for? Don't worry, revisions are a breeze! We'll tweak and refine until it's a patch that makes you shout "Heck yes!"

From Digital to Dazzling

Once you're head-over-heels with the proof, the real magic begins. Our skilled artisans transform your design into a tangible thread-tastic reality. Sit back, relax, and let the anticipation simmer (we know it's hard!).

Doorbell Delight

Within the agreed-upon timeframe, your personalized patch posse will arrive at your doorstep, ready to adorn your favorite gear and share your story to the world. Every stitch whispers excitement, every thread sings your unique tune.


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Forget stiff suits and fancy jargon – at Custom Embroidered Patch Canada, we're all about bringing smiles to faces. Your patch joy is our mission
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Iron Patches
Say goodbye to creative limits! Break free and dive into a world of personalized iron-on patches crafted just for you in Canada.
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What Does Our Clients Say About Us?

Received custom patches, deeply impressed with their superb quality, vibrant colors, and meticulous craftsmanship.


The material quality is exceptional, and my hats look fantastic with the patches. Thank you, team. 


I ordered 30 embroidered Velcro patches for my firefighting crew, and they turned out flawlessly


Canada's Best Custom Embroidered Patches with Years of Experience!

Embroidered patches canadian have become a popular choice for various industries, such as the military, motorcycle clubs, organizations, and celebrations. We are a one-stop shop for creating custom patches for clothing, with high-quality embroidery and your preferred type of backing. With us, you can get free artwork and unlimited design edits to ensure you're happy with the final product. Our skilled patch creators can transform any design into thread artwork. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps, and soon enough, your personalized patches will arrive at your doorstep! With over a decade of experience, we have perfected the art of needle and thread. Each fabric badge is crafted with care and precision.

Flaunt Your Embroidered Patches with Infinite Customization!

Transform any design imaginable into a unique customize embroidered patches crafted just for you! Our skilled patch artisans are ready to bring your vision to life, tailored to your design preferences, backing specifications, and customization desires. Experience unparalleled satisfaction with our affordable rates. But here's the twist – we don't believe in minimums! Yes, you heard it right – no minimums! Whether it's a single custom patch, a set of 10, 100, or more, we embrace personalization in all quantities. Your final quote is exclusively tailored to your budget and needs, ensuring a truly unique experience


Our commitment to professionalism in this industry has solidified our standing as a reputable player. No order is too small, no design too wild. We pour our heart and soul into every thread, whether it's a bespoke badge for one or a battalion for a hundred. Timeliness and unwavering dedication to our promises are additional perks that our customers consistently appreciate. We're sticklers for punctuality, your patches arrive exactly when we say they will. No need to tap your foot in anticipation, just rock 'em with confidence. We never over-promise, but we always over-deliver. Expect your patches to not only meet your expectations but blow them out of the water.

Beyond catering to custom patch needs in Canada, we extend our delivery services to various countries, including the UK, the USA, and other global locations. Our customer support team operates 24/7, guiding you through every step of your international patch adventure. Rest assured, seamless service is our superpower, no matter where you are. Just remember, while our commitment to awesomeness never wavers, delivery timelines might take a little detour depending on your location. Think of it as adding a touch of international intrigue to your patch journey! So, show your inner wanderlust and design your dream patch - we'll handle the rest, stitching your story onto backpacks, jackets, and hearts around the world.

When the designer shares a digital draft, we welcome revisions at this stage like a warm hug. Think of it as your personal design runway, where alterations are not only allowed, but encouraged. That's right, all tweaks before production are on the house! But, once the production gears start whirring, changes get a little trickier. But that doesn't mean impossible! Our customer support squad will do their utmost to accommodate you. If you have a burning desire to modify your masterpiece, shoot them a message, and they'll do their magic to make it happen. We're all about making you patch-tastically happy, after all!

Yes, advance payment is required to mitigate potential last-minute cancellations, which can be detrimental to the company and demoralizing to our craftsmen. This policy applies universally, whether for customized or regular patches. Rest assured that our commitment is to provide full value for your money and ensure a seamless transaction.

Providing an exact price without details on backing type, quantity, colors, design complexity, thread choice, and more is challenging. However, our promise of competitive prices is unwavering, and you can trust that our rates are unmatched. Despite offering budget-friendly options, we guarantee that quality remains uncompromised. This commitment has positioned our company as one of the "best" and "unbeatable" in Canada.

Through our partnership with a leading logistics service provider in Canada, we ensure timely deliveries with a commitment to punctuality. The logistics company manages the entire delivery process, guaranteeing on-time arrivals. They follow a comprehensive delivery protocol to ensure the parcels' safety and timely arrival at the recipients' doorsteps, minimizing any potential delays.

Affordable Embroidered Patch Prices


We operate at a moderate pricing level and strive to ensure affordability for our clients when providing embroidery digitizing services. Additionally, we accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

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