Chenille Patches

Personalized Chenille Patches In Canada Providing A Soft Texture And Three-Dimensional Appearance

Maple Leafs & Mounties, Meet Embroidered Patch Canada!

Hockey jerseys are as Canadian as maple syrup and winters filled with snow! But they're missing their true essence without the perfect chenille patch. That's where Embroidered Patch Canada comes in, your hometown heroes for bringing that classic, textured flair to your favorite jerseys. Think ice rink heroes, championship dreams, and team spirit sewn into every stitch. Our digitizing wizards can transform your vision into high-quality chenille patches that scream Canada from every thread. But it's not just about national pride; we're all about quality and durability, using the finest Canadian-made materials and modern techniques. Our patches can handle whatever life throws your way, from laundry day tumbles to arena cheers. And the best part? We're proudly Canadian, serving maple leaves and mounties across the nation! This is the reason why this is the most affordable place to get your hands on the best back patches. To sound fancy, our company does not need to raise the prices, instead, our company has been solely focusing on raising the benchmark, and being peerless. With over 4969+ happy customers, it is pretty straightforward to understand, why Canadians turn to us for quality cotton back badges. Get your order placed within a few clicks, and expect the best outcomes.

Premium Chenille Patches at Embroidered Patch Canada!

Embroidered Patch Canada is your go-to destination for top-notch chenille embroidery. Showcase your style with our unique patches, featuring a plush, velvety texture that adds personality to any garment. Customize your chenille patches with specific designs, sizes, and colors – no limits on orders! Experience the plush, 3D effect of chenille, perfect for intricate designs. Choose from various backings, including iron-on, plastic, adhesive, Velcro, and more.

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Revitalize Your Jacket with Embroidered Patch Canada – Affordable Style!

Is your jacket feeling neglected? Give it an old-school vibe with the magic of chenille from Embroidered Patch Canada. No need to break the bank – get stunning chenille patches without the hefty price tag. Dreaming of intricate mascots? No worries! Our skilled team brings your vision to life with precision. Top-notch quality at affordable prices? Absolutely! Personalization is the latest trend, and we're here to help you rock it with flair.

Free Revisions

We believe your patches should reflect your unique vision, exactly the way you imagined them. That's why we offer free revisions with every order.

Affordable Prices

Expressing yourself through custom patches shouldn't require a treasure chest. So, our cheap custom patches ensure you can stitch your story without breaking the bank.

Online Payments

Our patch maker online makes designing and ordering your dream patches a breeze. Our secure online payments ensure a smooth and stress-free experience from start to finish

What Does Our Clients Say About Us?

Received custom patches, deeply impressed with their superb quality, vibrant colors, and meticulous craftsmanship.


The material quality is exceptional, and my hats look fantastic with the patches. Thank you, team. 


I ordered 30 embroidered Velcro patches for my firefighting crew, and they turned out flawlessly


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