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Our commitment to professionalism in this industry has solidified our standing as a reputable player. No order is too small, no design too wild. We pour our heart and soul into every thread, whether it’s a bespoke badge for one or a battalion for a hundred. Timeliness and unwavering dedication to our promises are additional perks that our customers consistently appreciate. We’re sticklers for punctuality, your patches arrive exactly when we say they will. No need to tap your foot in anticipation, just rock ’em with confidence. We never over-promise, but we always over-deliver. Expect your patches to not only meet your expectations but blow them out of the water.


Beyond catering to custom patch needs in Canada, we extend our delivery services to various countries, including the UK, the USA, and other global locations. Our customer support team operates 24/7, guiding you through every step of your international patch adventure. Rest assured, seamless service is our superpower, no matter where you are. Just remember, while our commitment to awesomeness never wavers, delivery timelines might take a little detour depending on your location. Think of it as adding a touch of international intrigue to your patch journey! So, show your inner wanderlust and design your dream patch – we’ll handle the rest, stitching your story onto backpacks, jackets, and hearts around the world.


When the designer shares a digital draft, we welcome revisions at this stage like a warm hug. Think of it as your personal design runway, where alterations are not only allowed, but encouraged. That’s right, all tweaks before production are on the house! But, once the production gears start whirring, changes get a little trickier. But that doesn’t mean impossible! Our customer support squad will do their utmost to accommodate you. If you have a burning desire to modify your masterpiece, shoot them a message, and they’ll do their magic to make it happen. We’re all about making you patch-tastically happy, after all!


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