Order Cancellation Policy At Embroidered Patch

Embroidered Patch is committed to ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience for our valued clients. Recognizing the need for flexibility, we have implemented clear and fair order cancellation policies to empower our clients while considering the effort and dedication of our skilled craftsmen and design team.

Cancellation requests can be accommodated within the initial 24 hours following order placement, with refund percentages determined as follows:

  • Cancellation requests submitted after 24 hours: A nominal 10% deduction.
  • Cancellation requests submitted after 48 hours: A moderate 30% deduction.
  • Cancellation requests submitted after 72 hours: A substantial 60% deduction.
  • Cancellation requests made after 72 hours will only qualify for a refund of shipping charges.

It is essential to note that once a parcel has been dispatched, any cancellation requests will regrettably not be entertained, and refunds will not be processed.

These cancellation policies are carefully crafted to manage unforeseen order cancellations while respecting and acknowledging the hard work and commitment of our talented craftsmen and design team. Embroidered Patch prioritizes the protection of their rights and dedication to delivering exceptional quality.

Furthermore, when it comes to customized orders, additional effort and unique raw materials are invested to meet the specific requirements of each client. As a result, the cancellation of customized orders may not be feasible, depending on the individual circumstances. We appreciate your understanding in this regard and remain committed to providing a service that aligns with our dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

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