Embroidered Patch Samples

Your Inner Patch Mastermind in 4 Easy Steps!

Forget boring, forget generic – at Embroidered Patch Canada, we're all about bringing your patch visions to life, thread by dazzling thread!


Share Your Patch Dream:

Got a design racing around your brain? Spill the beans to our friendly patch designers! They'll be your creative partners, listening to your wildest ideas and translating them into a digital sketch. Think unicorns riding rainbows? We've got you!


Revision Rhapsody:

Don't love the first draft? That's cool! We believe in unlimited revisions at this stage, so tweak, tinker, and fine-tune until your patch sings. Think of it as your personal patch playground, where perfection is the only rule!


From Pixels to Patches

Once you've given your digital masterpiece the thumbs-up, it's time to work our magic! We'll seamlessly transform your design into a real-life, touchable patch that's built to last (and turn heads!).


Flaunt Your Patch Flair:

And then, the moment you've been waiting for – delivery day! Your patch will arrive on your doorstep, ready to take your jackets, bags, and anything else you can dream of to the next level of awesome.

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