Return & Exchange Policy At Embroidered Patch:

Embroidered Patch provides a comprehensive return and exchange policy to ensure buyers feel confident in their ability to return or exchange products under specific circumstances:

  1. The delivered product differs from the ordered item.
  2. The delivered product arrives damaged, requiring evidence during the claim process.
  3. The delivered product is of an incorrect size.
  4. Customization of the delivered product does not align with the provided brief.

However, The Return & Exchange Policy Will Not Be Applicable If:

  1. The delivered product meets expectations, and none of the aforementioned circumstances are satisfied.
  2. The provided brief was incorrect, and the client now seeks a refund.
  3. Delivery delay occurs due to logistics issues.
  4. The order is returned due to an incorrect address shared by the client.
  5. The buyer involves a third party, such as a friend, family member, or lawyer, instead of making a direct claim.

In the event that an error originates from our end, we will cover the shipping charges. Otherwise, the client will be responsible for these charges. Embroidered Patch is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent process for returns and exchanges, maintaining a positive experience for our valued customers.

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